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Welcome to Smyrna, GA - The "Jonquil City"

Great community minutes from Atlanta

Fantastic Cobb County Schools

Top place to live and work in Georgia

Earthwise Junk Removal in Smyrna

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We understand that, just like every thriving city, Smyrna residents occasionally need a hand managing unwanted items. That's where Earthwise Junk Removal comes in. We provide responsible and efficient junk removal services, helping you declutter your space while also caring for our shared environment. We're proud to serve the wonderful city of Smyrna, supporting its growth, vitality, and commitment to sustainability.

Junk Removal Services in Smyrna

Apartment Clean Out

Streamlining your apartment transition.

Appliance Removal

Convenient and eco-friendly disposal of outdated appliances.

Attic Clean Out

Efficiently decluttering your attic space.

Basement Clean Out

Transforming cluttered basements into usable spaces.

Car Parts Recycling

Eco-friendly disposal of used car parts.

Carpet Removal

Quick and responsible carpet removal.

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Christmas Tree Removal

Seasonal tree removal with an eco-conscious approach.

Commercial Junk Removal

Streamlined waste management for businesses.

Couch Removal

Hassle-free furniture disposal and recycling.

Electronic Recycling

Properly recycling e-waste to protect the environment.

Estate Clean Out

Compassionate and thorough estate clearing services.

Eviction Clean Out

Swift and reliable eviction cleanup.

Atlanta Metropolitan Area Exercise Equipment Removal Eatrthwise Junk Removal Georgia

Exercise Equipment Removal

Responsibly disposing of unwanted workout gear.

Foreclosure Clean Outs

Prepping properties for fresh starts.

Furniture Removal and Donation

Giving gently used furniture a new home.

Garage Clean Out

Organizing and recycling for a cleaner garage.

Grill & Hot Tub Removal

Properly disposing of old grills and hot tubs for a greener future.

Hoarder Clean Out

Helping restore order and peace of mind.

Home Clean Outs

Comprehensive decluttering for a refreshed home.

Mattress Removal

Convenient and eco-friendly mattress disposal.

Office Clean Outs

Enhancing workspaces with professional clean out services.

Paint Disposal

Safe and responsible handling of paint waste.

Piano Removal

Carefully relocating or disposing of pianos.

Residential Junk Removal

Simplifying home cleanups with expert services.

Retail Clean Outs

Efficiently clearing retail spaces for new opportunities.

Scrap Metal Removal

Turning scrap metal into recycling opportunities.

Storage Unit Clean Outs

Reclaiming space and responsibly disposing of items.

Swing Set + Playground Demo and Removal

Safe dismantling and disposal of play structures.

Atlanta Metropolitan Area Appliance Removal Eatrthwise Junk Removal Georgia

Washer and Dryer Recycling

Old appliance recycling solutions.

Atlanta Metropolitan Area Yard Debris Removal Eatrthwise Junk Removal Georgia

Yard Debris Removal

Efficiently clearing your yard for a fresh start.

Smyrna, GA

Welcome to Smyrna, GA - The "Jonquil City"


Situated just northwest of bustling Atlanta, Smyrna, Georgia, is a city that seamlessly combines a rich history, vibrant community spirit, and a progressive vision for the future. Known affectionately as the "Jonquil City" due to the proliferation of these cheerful flowers every spring, Smyrna boasts an excellent quality of life that attracts families, young professionals, and businesses alike.

Exploring Smyrna - Landmarks & Recreation

silver comet trail

A key highlight of Smyrna is the Silver Comet Trail, a former rail line turned into a picturesque trail for cyclists, runners, and walkers. The city's Village Green serves as the community's heartbeat, featuring the beautiful Smyrna Public Library and the Community Center. The Market Village, with its charming boutiques and delightful restaurants, brings a touch of cosmopolitan life to Smyrna's suburban charm. And for sports fans, the city's close proximity to Atlanta means easy access to the home games of the Falcons, Braves, and Hawks.

Smyrna Real Estate - A Home for Every Dream

From charming bungalows to luxury estates, Smyrna's real estate market is diverse and inviting. The city offers an array of neighborhoods, each with its unique character, yet all sharing Smyrna's sense of community. Smyrna's excellent amenities, coupled with its strategic location near major employment hubs, make it an ideal place to call home.

Smyrna, GA

A Stroll Down Memory Lane - Smyrna's Rich History

Smyrna's story began in 1832, with pioneers and settlers drawn to its fertile soil and bountiful resources. The city has come a long way since those early days, evolving into a hub of commerce, culture, and community. Today, its past is beautifully preserved at the Smyrna Museum, where fascinating exhibits take visitors on a journey through the city's vibrant history.

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Campbell High School

The Smyrna School District - Cultivating the Leaders of Tomorrow

Smyrna takes pride in its excellent educational facilities. The city is part of the Cobb County School District, one of Georgia's top-performing districts, with several schools recognized for their high academic standards. Additionally, a number of prestigious private schools and colleges in and around Smyrna offer a wide range of educational opportunities.


Kelly Williams
Kelly Williams
June 18, 2023
Such a great experience with this father-son duo. They were quick and professional and gave us a great deal to clean out our garage. They also gave an educator discount. We will use them again in the future!
Sonya Ingle
Sonya Ingle
June 18, 2023
I highly recommend these folks! They’ve helped us regain our garage and backyard from years of accumulation. Super nice and professional!
Bryant Malone
Bryant Malone
June 17, 2023
Owen and team were quick to respond, convenient and removed a ton of junk for me. Price was on par with experiences I’ve had with other junk removers.
Jessica Wardell
Jessica Wardell
May 15, 2023
Earthwise was amazing. They were professional, fast, and kind. They were able to get everything I needed gone (which was a lot) and quickly. I hate that I waited so long to get rid of this stuff. If I would have known about Earthwise, I would have done it sooner. Can’t thank them enough. If you’re sitting in a pile of junk call them now. You won’t regret it.
Craig Dills
Craig Dills
May 9, 2023
Earthwise was on TIME, on PRICE, and on POINT! Couldn’t be happier with their service! THANK YOU EARTHWISE for helping declutter our home!
Jimmy Dorough
Jimmy Dorough
May 1, 2023
These guys are great to work with!! Helped me disassemble, load up and haul off some old wooden playground equipment! Owen and Joe are an awesome father/son duo and I would highly recommend them. It was really neat to watch as the father coached his son up on hard work, communication, punctuality, and getting the job completed to satisfaction. They were also mindful of the dogs in the backyard, careful not to let them get out. Without their help it would have taken me all day to get this job done, but with them it was knocked out under 2 hours. I will definitely work with them again!
Michael Penny
Michael Penny
April 24, 2023
Earthwise Junk Removal is fantastic! They were very responsive when I requested an estimate and their bill was very close to what I was quoted -- a little under actually. I was completely surprised when I received a text showing me that they didn't just take all of my stuff to the dump, that they actually took the time to donate many of my items and provided a receipt for tax purposes. It is also really cool that this is a father and his high school-aged son running this business together. If you need services like they offer, you will not be disappointed using Earthwise.
Smyrna, GA

Experience Smyrna, Georgia

Whether you're exploring its rich history, taking advantage of its vibrant lifestyle, or simply enjoying the beautiful jonquils in spring, Smyrna, Georgia, never fails to captivate. A city on the rise, Smyrna continues to enhance its offerings while maintaining its unique charm and sense of community. We invite you to experience Smyrna for yourself, and discover why so many people are proud to call it home.